Who still prefers this to iOS7?

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It's been 5 months since iOS7 was released to the public and we've become so accustomed to it we can only vaguely recall what iOS6 looked like. Try and picture your iPhone running iOS6 - can you remember what the Game Centre app looked like? How about the Calendar app? 

There was a lot of hate for iOS7 when it was released and a big percentage of people made it very clear that they would have preferred to keep iOS6. A lot of this may have just been resistance to change but only time would tell. So to all those who disliked iOS7, do you still feel the same after 5 months of living with it? Would you still like to go back to iOS6?

Looking at iOS6 now we can't help but think how dated it looks. Whether you love or hate iOS7 we definitely feel that it looks much, cleaner and very fresh in comparison.This article by Ian Storm Taylor does a great job of dissecting iOS7 from a designers point of view and while there is room for improvement, there will always be things that some people don't like but iOS7 is here to stay and we like it.  

What we would like to see is not another iOS7 redesign based on how it already looks, there are hundreds of posts showing tweaks to the current design - what we really want to see is a complete redesign. An iOS that is completely reimagined. It's a lot easier to improve on something somebody else has already designed. When there are millions of fresh eyes looking at something that a team has spent months, maybe years working on it becomes very likely that there will be someone who can make an improvement. But to come up with something entirely fresh, that's not so easy.


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