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The COOKOO smartphone watch is a great new product that is one of the first of its kind. This Apple accessory is able to integrate with your iPhone and iPad, and ensures that you are notified if anything happens on your iOS device as it happens. If you are tired of constantly looking at your device for calls and text messages, then consider the COOKOO smartphone watch as a solution to this problem.

The COOKOO watch is a Bluetooth-enabled device that seamlessly integrates with your iOS device. Instead of pulling out your smartphone and checking for notifications, you can check the watch to see if you have missed any calls. This is much more natural, and it makes your life a lot easier.

The COOKOO smartphone watch has a growing range of features and will notify you about incoming and missed calls, Facebook updates and calendar reminders. The watch can also tell you if your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch needs to be charged. One of our favourite features is that the COOKOO watch is able to help locate your device by sounding an alarm. Just follow the noise to locate your missing smartphone. If your phone or tablet was misplaced, then you will know immediately because the COOKOO watch will tell you that the device is out of reach.

Most smartphone watches needed to be charged regularly, but not the COOKOO watch. This watch features an extended battery that will last about a year. You can boost the battery by turning off the Bluetooth connection when it is not needed. Replacing the battery is easy. It should only take you a few minutes to get the COOKOO up and running again for another year once the battery dies.


The COOKOO watch is an amazing Apple accessory that will help you stay connected with your favourite iOS device without forcing you to constantly look at your iPhone or iPad.

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