Top Apple News From The Past Week - Feb 25th to March 3rd

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Apple is a company that always stays in the spotlight. Be it a new product launch, rumours about its upcoming products or a controversy this company is always in the news. This week was not an exception and we had several interesting news about the world's largest and 'most admired' technology brand. Lets have a look at some of the most important news about Apple from this week.

Apple is looking at new product categories for its future devices

Apple is always looking at new categories to release products in and is known to dominate the ones it gets into. Recently Apple CEO Tim Cook at an annual shareholder meeting revealed that his company is looking to expand their reach to new product categories. While he didn't mention the product he and his team is looking at, the mere mention of the words 'new categories' got everyone excited. Apple is already rumoured to announce an Apple Television and an iWatch and perhaps it was a hint at what's coming in the next few years.
Here's what Tim Cook said
“Obviously we’re looking at new categories — we don’t talk about them, but we’re looking at them,”

Apple sells over 8 million iPads to Education sector worldwide

Apple's iPad has seen immense growth over the past few years and it is still the dominant tablet of the world with over half of the world's total tablet market share. Apple has recently revealed that it has sold over 8 million iPads worldwide in the education sector out of which 4.5 million were sold in the US and 3.5 million outside of it. The release of iPad mini has played a major role in increasing the overall sales of the Apple's tablet as it is not only cheaper but the company is selling a pack of 10 iPad minis at a discounted rate.

iPad mini sales are already overtaking larger iPad's sales

Well this hasn't come a surprise to us at all. It is reported that the iPad mini is overtaking the full sized iPad in terms of sales and demands. That is mostly due to low price factor, better looking design and even more portability than the larger version. The recent trend according to NPD DisplaySearch has compelled Apple to set a goal of selling 55 Million iPads minis and 33 million iPads in the year 2013. This will make the total expected sales of iPad tablet 88 Million for the year 2013.
Apple becomes Fortune's most admirable company for 6th straight year
Apple has once again topped the list of Fortune's most admired companies. This is the sixth time in a row Apple has been able to achieve the number one title. It is followed by Google and Amazon. Apple was considered the most Admirable company despite the poorer than usual performance of its stocks and the Maps controversy. However the sales of iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S in the Q4 of 2012 played a major role in helping Apple in retaining the position.

Apple Patent might be hinting at iWatch's functionality

The rumors about an iWatch are gaining momentum and it looks like we will finally have an Apple made wrist watch later this year. A patent filed by Apple has surfaced that shows company's research for wirelessly transmitting the location data of a person from his iPhone to an "accessory device". This might hint towards iWatch's functionality to receive location data from iPhone's GPS chip and suggest nearby locations such as restaurants or places of interest as well as show navigation using maps.

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