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A Review of the DODOcase Classic for iPad 2, 3 and 4.

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The DODOcase has a unique story, it was created to help preserve the diminishing craft of Bookbindery. All DODOcases are handmade in a San Francisco Bookbindery and bring the nostalgia of old fashioned books and blends it with the modern technology to produce the DODOcase for iPad.

DODOcase Classic for iPad

DODOcase Classic for iPad

First and foremost the DODOcase offers style and lots of it. It features a sturdy exterior cover and a solid core bamboo tray providing protection and security for our iPad. Your iPad fits very tightly into the bamboo tray and this precision fit prevents any movement. There have been a lot of complaints regarding the bamboo tray in DODOcases breaking but this latest version has been improved. DODOcase claim the new and improved tray to have increased it's strength by 330%.

DODOcase Classic for iPad  

The cover includes a magnet which works like a normal smart cover and will wake and sleep your iPad when it is opened or closed. There are easy access cut outs for all your iPads ports and buttons and a also a camera hole for the rear camera. If you use your iPad to film or take photos this is very handy to have.

DODOcase Classic for iPad

There are 2 main viewing angles using this case. If you wish to use the DODOcase as a stand to watch movies you can fold back the front cover and by using the elastic strap and attached no-slip clip you can keep the case in place even when on a slippery surface. It can also be folded back on itself to put your iPad into typing mode. This position is also best for when you're reading on your iPad.

DODOcase Classic for iPad

So, who would benefit from the DODOcase?

Anybody looking for style and quality and lot's of it. If you wan't to make an impression to friends, clients or even passers by then this case could suit you very well. 

And who might this not be best for?

If you are looking for a multifunctional case and prefer function over style then this may not be for you.

DODOcase Classic for iPad

Final Verdict

The DODOcase will do pretty much everything you need to, it offers excellent protection, multiple viewing angles, quality and style. It may not achieve some things as well as other cases but other cases fall short where the DODOcase excels. The added bulk this case adds to your iPad may become uncomfortable for prolonged use. This doesn't bother us that much and this may not be an issue for you but it is worth considering what you need from an iPad case. For prolonged use then comfort may be the most important factor you look for in an iPad case, in which case you should consider how you will hold and use a DODOcase.

For all round style, protection and comfort it is one of the best iPad cases available and we highly recommend you take a closer look at the DODOcase Classic for iPad.

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