Review: Nomad Lightning Cable - A lightning USB cable in your pocket

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The Kero Nomad Cable had 1640 backers on kickstarter (What is kickstarter?) and raised $39,475.

To sum up what the Nomad Cable offers you could say that - thanks to the Nomad you will never be without a lightning charger for your iPhone 5 or iPad again. We've all gone out and found yourselves low on battery and without a charger to hand. The Nomad solves this issue with a portable lightning cable that's no bigger than a key. 

Essentially it is just a lightning cable that will sync and charge your iPhone but the beauty of the Nomad is because it includes a secure key-ring cap it means that you can be attach it to your keys. And at only 3-inches in length you will hardly notice it's there. The cable itself is very flexible so there's no need to worry about snapping it. So as long as you don't forget your keys you won't forget your iPhone charger.

The lightning charger has also had approval from Apple as a certified made for Apple product. The lightning connector Apple introduced with the iPhone 5 and iPad mini is much more complex to manufacter than the previous 30 pin connector so when buying any lightning cable make sure it includes the 'Made for Apple' logo. 

We can't think of anybody who wouldn't find this charger useful. Even if you don't want to carry the Nomad cable on your keys, it's so small that you it can easily slip into a pocket or clip onto your bag. It prevents the tangled cables you no doubt experience with your current charger and if you spend a lot of time on the go with your MacBook or in the car with your iPhone then it's the perfect travel charger. 

The Nomad Cable should be available to buy soon. To be notified when it arrives you can sign up on the product page.

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