Introducing iblazr - The LED Flash Your iPhone is Missing

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iblazr is a small, powerful, multifunctional flash extension for the iPhone and iPad. It is the first fully synchronised flash for iOS devices and currently has over 2000 backers on Kickstarter and has reached almost double it's $58,000 goal with 22 days remaining. 

Whether you're an aspiring photographer, film maker, want to improve your instagram videos or just want a flash for your iPad - the iblazr looks like the prefect solution. 


iblazr is super easy to install, fitting directly into your iPhone or iPad's audio jack, it's as simple as connecting your headphones. The free app built specifically for the device features a host of features that will make even further improvements to your photos and we are also promised that the app is a work in progress and further improvements and features are already underway.

The flash device consists of 4 high quality LEDs (CREE LEDs actually) and provide an awesome amount of light considering it's small size. One of our favourite features of the iblazr is that it is completely battery powered so won't drain your iPhone's battery, and this also means that it doesn't need to be attached to your iPhone to work.

Battery life is also impressive, on a full charge you will get approximately 1000 flashes or up to 40 minutes in constant light mode.  A pretty unique charger is included with the device and is very similar to the Une Bobine - this can only be a good thing - and will be very useful to get some extra height when you need to light from above.

The example shots below of the iblazr in use are pretty impressive and it really is a big improvement on what we're used to. Taking quality photos and video is becoming even easier and cheaper. These days you can pretty much carry everything you need in your pocket and with the iblazr this now includes a quality lighting kit.

We're pretty excited for the iblazr as it adds one of the most important features that the iPhone is missing when looking to make your photos and videos even more professional - decent lighting. 

You can view their Kickstarter project here or sign up to our newsletter for updates on when iblazr becomes available in the UK. 


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