The Apple Xmas Gift Guide 2013

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It's nearly time for the fat man to come down the chimney. And with that in mind we are currently curating the best Christmas gift guide for the person who loves apple products.

Wally iPhone Case
What is it: The Wally is your new Italian leather wallet and your iPhones best friend. If you are sick of carrying a wallet which only has a few cards in it (we know we are) then meet Wally - your new wallet. With the Wally you can throw away your current wallet and carry your 3 most important cards or substitute a card or 2 for some crisp £50's. The super thin leather pocketsticks directly to the back your iPhone and it even works with most cases. Wally uses micro-suction to stick to your iPhone with no glue or magnets in site! 

Perfect for: The minimalists who hate carrying unnecessary cards. Anybody who wants to get rid of their bulky wallet and add a smart vintage leather look to their iPhone. Aspiring magicians who want to amaze their friends and pull cards out of their iPhone. 

The Kenu Airframe is the world's smallest iPhone car mount that doesn't even need to attach to the window. The mount attaches to any air vent in your car. A patent-pending design uses a soft rotating clip which will securely mount your Airframe onto any vent whether horizontal, vertical or angled. The Airframe's spring loaded expandable jaw securely holds most smartphones up to 4.8” screens. Once attached to your air vent simply slide in your iPhone and you're off.

Perfect for: Anybody who is sick of their window mounted iPhone holder falling off and leaving marks. Anybody in the need of a small, portable, inconspicuous car mount that will work with pretty much any phone, including future iPhone's.

What is it: Mujjo's unisex touchscreen gloves allow you to use your touchscreen device without removing your gloves! Take any call, write a message or check emails during the wintertime while keeping your hands warm and wrapped up. Mujjo’s touchscreen gloves offer an unrestrictedtouchscreen experience and enable you to use all your fingertips, your knuckles and even the heel or palm of your hand to control your iPhone. 

Perfect for: People who are tired of having to remove one of their gloves to use their iPhone in the winter. 

What is it: AM Lab Minis consist of 5 compact all-in-one cleaning sprays & gentle microfibre sponges made specifically for cleaning iPhone & iPad screens. The beauty of these little cleaning devices is that the nifty microfibre cloths cover the outside of the bottle, simply spray and wipe - no need for any extra cloths! They easily clear away smudge, dirt, dust and fingerprints from your Apple device - leaving it shiny and dirt free.

Perfect for: Anybody who is fed up of their dirty, fingerprint smudged screens and wants a cool, portable cleaning solution. 

What is it: Lapka is tiny, alluring personal environment monitor that connects with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to measure, collect and analyse the hidden qualities of your surroundings. Lapka’s precise sensors respond to the invisible world of particles, ions, molecules and waves. The results Lapka measures are beautifully displayed on your iPhone, so wherever you are you can measure the environment and compare it to the average guidelines all from within the Lapka app. Lapka lets you discover and play with the smallest details that shape your world. 

There are 4 different Lapka blocks which each measure something different. With Lapka you can measure - Radiation, Electromagnetic Fields, Organic Compounds and Humidity.
 Perfect for: The curious, the nerdy, the health conscious and the scientific. If you care about your environment then the Lapka is the perfect tool for you to monitor your surroundings.

  • What is it: The Snooze iPhone alarm dock will make your snoozy mornings much easier. It features a large rubber panel that allows you to tap, hit or slap to snooze. You can't miss! How many times has your alarm rang and you've found yourself reaching around trying to find your iPhone. With the Snooze you just slide your phone into the dock, set your alarm and as soon as the alarm sounds you know right where your iPhone is.

  • Perfect for: Anybody who loves to snooze and needs a safe place to put their iPhone at night. Those who constantly find themselves fumbling to find their iPhone in the dark to hit the snooze button.

What is it: The Space Bar is an all-in-one solution for minimising desk clutter in an elegant and stylish manner. Your iMac sits on top of the Space Bar and your keyboard slides underneath to free up desk space. There are additional USB ports included on either side of the and there is space either side of your iMac for your iPhone, keys, wallet and anything else you want out of the way. Featuring 6 USB ports - 4 front ports for charging & syncing and 2 right rear ports for charging. 1 mini-USB port and 1 AC adapter port for connection to your computer and a power source. 

Perfect for: People who need to make the most of their desk space or those who just like to keep things organised and clutter free. Anybody withmultiple USB gadgets that need charging and syncing will really benefit from all the extra ports. 

What is it: GolfSense is wearable motion sensor that helps you analyse and improve your golf swing. Download the free GolfSense app, attach the GolfSense motion sensor to your golf glove and swing away; feedback and helpful tips will then be sent to your iPhone or iPad and will track your improvements over time. 

Perfect for: Aspiring golfers who need that extra guidance on improving their swing. Experienced golfers can use it as a go anywhere, lightweight device to get instant feedback on their swing.
What is it: The OCDock is a minimal iPhone 5 dock that actuallyseamlessly blends to become part of your iMac or Cinema/Thunderbolt Display. A hidden, flat (0.08mm) lightning cable runs under your iMac's base - making the whole dock seem as though it is a permanent feature of your iMac. There are two styles of OCDock, the OCDock and the OCDock mini suited to those who use an iPhone case, and those who prefer a naked iPhone or use a super slim case.

Perfect for: Those who spend their days working in front of their iMac and want to keep their desk clutter free with the added benefit of keeping their iPhone charged, synced and visible. 

More Christmas gift ideas coming soon!

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