Lapka Personal Environment Monitor - Stylish, Elegant Health Tracking

  • What is it: Lapka is tiny, alluring personal environment monitor that connects with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to measure, collect and analyse the hidden qualities of your surroundings. Confused? Watch the video or read on. 

    Lapka’s precise sensors respond to the invisible world of particles, ions, molecules and waves. The results Lapka measures are beautifully displayed on your iPhone, so wherever you are you can measure the environment and compare it to the average guidelines all from within the Lapka app. Lapka lets you discover and play with the smallest details that shape your world.

    There are 4 different Lapka blocks which each measure something different. With Lapka you can measure:

    1. Radiation. Lapka's radiation sensor is actually a mini Geiger counter. It displays highly accurate information about the radioactive particles in your current environment and how it might be affecting you.

    2. EMF (Electromagnetic Fields). These can be caused by electronic devices, wireless transmitters, or nearby power lines. You can now find the spots in your home with the lowest electromagnetic pollution, making it ideal for choosing where to sleep or to put your baby’s cot.

    3. Organic. Detects how organic your fruit and veg are. Measures any significant quantities of nitrates in raw produce left behind by the use of synthetic fertilisers. The Lapka app contains info on the threshold for nitrate content in various fruit and vegetables - letting you know when you when you should be worried.

    4. Humidity. Temperature and relative humidity of your environment are measured, combined, and compared with Lapka's knowledge base. Lapka can quantify exactly what conditions you sleep or work best in so you can reproduce them. This is great for new parents as there are specific guidelines for newborn babies about both EMF and humidity.

    Perfect for: The curious, the nerdy, the health conscious and the scientific. If you care about your environment then the Lapka is the perfect tool for you to monitor your surroundings.

    Why we love the Lapka: This kind of technology is just the beginning, the possibilities for the Lapka are many. We love being able to test our fruit to see just how toxic it is and measuring the EMF around the house can provide some interesting results. The app is beautifully designed and really makes understanding the data clear and is a joy to use.

    Key features
    -Lapka is fully powered by your iOS device so no battery or charger is required
    -Water resistant but not waterproof
    -Appealing, modern design
    -Must use with the Lapka iOS app
  • "Hours of fun measuring the toxicity of supermarket produce....Beautiful, easy-to-understand software interface. Compact physical design; take the modules anywhere"

    "iPhone age ‘luxury tools’"

    "the coolest thing is that it monitors it all from the comfort of you iPhone"

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