Why pople will come to love iOS 7....

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iOS 7 has been unveiled to the world and it seems to be receiving mixed opinions from Apple fans and non-fans alike. Personally we love the new revitalised design, it's refreshing and makes iOS 6 look dated already. The majority of tweets and articles seem to show people liking some aspects of the re-design and hating other aspects. It is quite a change from the current iOS but we feel those who say they hate it will eventually come to like to the new design.


As Steve Jobs once said "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works". So forget about the new design of iOS 7, focus on how it works and what the features can provide for you. You either love or hate the new look of iOS but in a few months it will be the norm, all other Apple apps will follow the design trend and what you were once unsure of will become so commonplace it will become how apps should look. At least until iOS 8! Our guess is that you still start to see similar design elements begin to appear on other non-Apple devices. 

Can you remember what the previous iTunes icon looked like on the mac?

There was uproar when Apple launched the new iTunes icon in 2010 and many hated it but Steve Jobs had a response for all those who disliked it. And now? People are so used to it I would hazard to guess that if you were to compare the two then the previous iTunes icon looks very dated.

People demand change from Apple, they want to be amazed and be shown stuff that they could never have possible imagined. Once one new feature is released it becomes commonplace and people demand the next thing, taking what they have for granted. WWDC 2013 Apple released many features that people have been demanding for a long time. This was great news but it wasn't enough for everyone. What people need to realise is that Apple often make incremental improvements to their software and hardware. There were many new features yesterday and whilst these were small and not necessarily groundbreaking they all add up to make a big improvement to iOS. iOS 7 is just setting the path for new and bigger improvements. 

Don't forget that Apple could only show yesterday the features that would work on the iPhone 5. There is still chance for us to be amazed when the iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 is unveiled. Fingerprint unlocking anyone?

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