Review: OCDock iPhone dock - A Beautifully Crafted, Minimal iPhone Dock

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Today we received our OCDock for iPhone and it rocks. OCDock was a successful Kickstarter (What is Kickstarter?) project by OCDesk and received $107,979 in funding, almost double what was needed to fund the project. OCDock, as you may have guessed by the name is an iPhone dock that blends seamlessly with your iMac or Thunderbolt Display. It is the perfect accessory for those who like to keep their desk minimal and clutter free and for those with slight OCD.

OCDock iPhone 5 Docking Station

OCDock iPhone 5 Docking Station

The philosophy behind the design is based on OCDesk's belief that "a clean workspace inspires for a more creative and effective work experience" And we have to agree, the OCDock is minimal to the point of blending seamlessly with your iMac's base. This is helped by the fact that the OCDock is made from Apple-grade aluminium and is finished to match the  brushed aluminium of your Mac's base.

One of the nicest features of this iPhone dock is the cable. At 0.08mm think, it is paper thin meaning that it can run unobtrusively under your iMac's footprint thus giving the impression of zero wires on your desk. 

There is a small cut out on the bottom of the OCDesk which allows it to sit flush with the base of your mac. A reusable, residue free tape on the underside keeps it firmly in place. 

The most eye catching part of the OCDesk is the fact that it looks like it has come straight from the Jony Ive workshop and could easily sit along side any other Apple designed product. 

The OCDesk has a patent pending, spring loaded moving plate to accommodate varying sized iPhone cases. As well three silicone back supports to help stabilise your iPhone whether it is naked or chooses to wear a case. OCDesk claim that the dock will accommodate almost all standard size iPhone cases. 

The easy access positioning of the dock also means it's great for use with third-party apps which allow you to use your iPhone a second screen. OCDesk have hinted that they may eventually develop their own apps to make the most of the OCDock but we will have to wait on that one for now. 

OCDock iPhone 5 Docking Station

If you spend time at your iMac or Apple display and like to keep things tidy and focused then the OCDock is going to be ideal for you. We really recommend the OCDock for anybody considering an iPhone or for those on the search for a new dock. It's extremely well finished, beautifully designed and very well thought out accessory for your family of Apple devices. Honestly, we'd be surprised if there is another dock out there that compliments your iMac as well the OCDock. 

The guys at OCDesk have done a stirling job with the OCDock and we're very excited to see what kind of accessory they come up with next.

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OCDock iPhone 5 Docking Station

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