New Products this Week...

Posted by OneWiseMac Team on

We have two awesome new products in this week - Une Bobine and the Recoil Winders. Both of which were highly successful Kickstarter projects. 

The Une Bobine and Petite Bobine are a USB charging cable with a difference. The cable is bendable and allows you to twist and shape it to suit your needs. It can be used as an extra screen whilst charging from your macbook or can be used as stand alone iPhone stand. Check out the Une Bobine.

The Recoil Winders solve a problem that annoys us all. All those cables, wires and headphones in your drawers getting tangled and taking 10 minutes to actually free the one you need...well it needn't happen anymore. The Recoil Winders are spring loaded for super quick wrapping of your cords, they come in 3 sizes and the multi-pack includes a rack to store your winders neatly on your desktop.

Both products are highly recommended and are shipping now from the UK at OneWiseMac.

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