A Review of the Cocoon GRID-IT

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A Review of the Cocoon GRID-IT Range

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TheCocoon GRID-ITrange offers one of the most practical and portable storage solutions you are likely to come across. The GRID-IT is made up of a rigid board with overlaying elastic straps which securely hold your gadgets in place. If you have a lot of accessories and need to carry them with you then this is could be perfect solution for you.

The GRID-IT system is suitable for storing most small accessories, including earphones, cables, usb sticks, iPhones, iPods and even bulkier items such as cameras and iPhone plugs.

Cocoon GRID-IT Organiser

It may take some time initially organising your Cocoon GRID-IT in order to utilise all the available spaces but this is time well spent if it means you don't have to rummage through your bag looking for your charger just as your phone is about to die.

The Grid-it range is available in many sizes and there is one to suit most people's requirements. A range of sizes and variations mean there will be one to fit your requirements based on the number of gadgets you carry and the size of your bag.

It may also be worthwhile considering a Grid-it for use at home. If you don't need to carry your accessories with you but would like to keep things organised and accessible at home then you can just as easily slip a Grid-it into a draw or under your desk.

There are variations available that include a sleeve at the back of the grid-it to carry your iPad or MacBook Air. These also feature a stretchy neoprene cover which fastens over the grid-it and it's contents, thus allowing you to carry it around as a normal case without exposing your accessories.

Cocoon GRID-IT Organiser
The Cocoon GRID-IT range looks smart and professional but if you are looking for style over function and don't have the need to organise your accessories then you may not utilise the GRID-IT's capabilities.

However, if you are looking for something that provides plenty of function and practicality, if you carry your office with you, and are constantly looking for your chargers, memory cards and accessories then this could save you hours of time and is definitely worth a closer look.

There are GRID-IT products suitable for all your Apple devices. View the entire GRID-IT range here.


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