Is this the future of iOS? 6 of the best iOS 7 Concept Videos

Posted by OneWiseMac Team on

We are just days away from what many believe will be our first glimpse of iOS 7. At WWDC 2013 a new flatter, redesigned iOS could be unveiled and one of the most exciting aspects of this redesign is down to the fact that Jony Ive is the man behind it. What the latest iOS 7 will look like is anybodies guess, there are rumours, hopes and concepts all over the net. One thing we can be pretty much certain about is that iOS 7 will be stripped down, minimal and, with Ive in charge, maybe even revolutionary. You have every reason to be excited about it!

Below are 6 of our favourite iOS 7 concept videos, some of these concepts would make some major improvements to the iPhone's software. Let's just hope that we aren't disappointed.

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