5 Places to Watch Apple's WWDC 2013 Live!

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We are just hours away from Apple's latest announcement where we are likely to see a new iOS, OS X, new hardware and maybe iRadio, Apple's own music streaming service. Of course an iWatch or the iTV are also possible announcements.

All eyes are on Apple to pick up it's game and push the boundaries once again as they have done previously with the first iPhone, iPod and iPad. Apple have been very quiet for the last year or so, many think that they have run out of ideas and their current products are becoming stale. Innovation takes time and as John Gruber at Daring Fireball mentioned in his post yesterday, it was only one year ago that Tim Cook said "we're going to double down on secrecy on products". With hours to go there is so much excitement around this announcement as nobody has a clue what will be announced.

Later today we are guaranteed to see the future of iOS and there is the potential for one or two entirely new products to be unveiled.

If you want to keep up to speed as things happen you can watch live blogs of the event at the sites below. 

Update: Apple will be streaming the whole thing live - WWDC 2013 Live





The Verge

You can also catch up on session videos from the conference everyday via Apple's WWDC site.

An here are the start times:

6pm - London

7pm - Paris

9pm - Moscow

10am - San Francisco

12pm - Chicago

1pm - New York

2am (Tue) - Tokyo

3am (Tue) - Sydney

5am (Tue) - Auckland


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