Review: Recoil Winders - Tangled cords? Never heard of them!

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Recoil Winders began their life as a Kickstarter project that made $141,465 in funding from almost 3000 backers. The premise of this product is simple and solves one of the everyday issues I'm sure we all encounter - tangled cords. How often do your earphones and USB cords enter your bag untangled but when you pull them out they have twisted and knotted together. Recoil Winders are a super quick, portable and elegant solution to this problem. 

Recoil Winders

Recoil Winders come in 3 sizes and will accomodate the majority of your cables. The smallest of the winders is specifically designed to wind Apple EarPods and older Apple earphones. They will of course wind any make of earphones provided they are of a similar size to the Apple standard earphones and should also accomodate those with small in-line mics. 

The medium sized winders will also work with your earphones, including larger earphones that are too large for the smaller winders. They will also wind light weight USB cables up to 47". 

The largest Recoil Winder will wind any other larger cables and cords up to 60". Watch the video below to see an example of the range of cables that the winders can handle. 

Recoil Winders

Recoil Winders allow you to fully remove your cables and cords when you need them and then quickly wind them up using their spring loaded recoil system. The entire process of winding and unwinding your cables takes seconds and and really is a great time saving accessory. To wind a cord or cable you simply fold the cable in half so a loop is formed, attach this loop to the hook on the winder and give it a quick sharp pull. The spring loaded recoil mechanism will then fully wind your cable for you. Simple!

Recoil Winders

The winders are very compact which makes them ultra portable and extremely easy to just drop into your bag or slip into a pocket. When you purchase a combo pack you will also receive a small stand which will allow you to dock any size winder, simply press down to click into place. This is excellent for keeping your desk uncluttered whilst providing quick and easy access to your cables. 

Why we love the Recoil Winders: Picture this....never having to fight with tangled cords that seem to be as complex as a Rubix cube! Recoil Winders provide an elegant solution that allows you to place your hands on the cable you need when you need it. A simple loop, a quick pull and you will never have to deal with tangled cords again. Love it.

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