Review: Incase Book Jacket Revolution For iPad - An iPad Case With A Twist

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Incase are one of the most reliable creators of Apple accessories and the Book Jacket Revolution provides everything you'd expect from an incase product.

This iPad case offers standard protection from knocks and bumps and features as many viewing angles as I've seen from an iPad case. Flip open the cover and your iPad will wake automatically thanks to the built in magnets. From there you can fold back the cover to hold your iPad in your hands or rest it on a surface and it provides a perch mode for typing. 

The feature we love most with this case is that fact that the iPad can swivel 360 degrees whilst still in the case. This allows for viewing in either landscape or horizontal positions and changing between the two takes seconds.

You can convert this case into a a stand with multiple viewing angles by simply lifting the iPad and placing it's base against one of the 3 raised platforms. You can then just move the iPad up or down a notch to change the angle to suit your needs. 

There is an elastic strap to keep the case cover closed when not in use and also features cut outs for all your iPads ports and a camera hole for the rear camera.

Most cases allow you to position your iPad in maybe 2 positions but the Book Jacket Revolution provides 7, whether you are watching a movie, face-timing or writing an email this case will serve you well. 

You can't always plan for where you will be watching viewing your iPad and getting a perfectly viewing angle isn't always possible. With this iPad case you will struggle to not find the right angle for your needs.

Who would benefit from it: This case is ideally suited for someone who moves around a lot and views a lot of video on their iPad. Whatever your position or location you will be able to find a good viewing angle. And when you need to switch from vertical to horizontal or change the angle slightly it will take just seconds with this case. We found that when there was a reflection on the screen we could just tilt it up or down a notch to minimise any glare.

Who wouldn't benefit from it: If you don't need to change the angle of your iPad very often, maybe you don't view a lot of videos, then there are better iPad case's for you.

There are no real negatives with this iPad case. You will never get every feature in one case. If you are after a touch case then this isn't for you but what you will get is multiple viewing angles in a stylish, well crafted iPad case.

Will work with the iPad 2, 3 & 4.

Book Jacket Revolution for iPad by Incase

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