Review: Snap Case For iPhone 5 By Incase

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When you own an iPhone that last thing you want to do is cover it up. The Incase Snap Case for iPhone 5 is aimed at those who need protection from scratches and bumps but don't want anything that will obscure the design of their iPhone. We would class the Snap Case as a minimal iPhone case as it aims to do one thing and one thing only - offer minimal protection. 

This case has a very smooth, rubbery feel to it and is very easy to hold. There are no sharp edges on the corners as you sometimes get with cheaper cases and the overall construction is sturdy.

All buttons, ports and rear camera are easily accessible with spacious cut outs. After taking a few photos the camera cut out didn't affect our photos in the way that some cases can. 

Fitting your iPhone is simple and really does just snap into place. The case fits very snuggly to your iPhone as you'd expect from an unobtrusive case but not too snug that you will have difficulty removing the case. The case also features a small lip on the front so that if you wish to place your iPhone face down the screen won't actually touch the surface.

We don't always need heavy and bulky protection for our iPhones (unless you work on a construction site). Sometimes we just want something that is simple, minimal and will protect your iPhone from minor cosmetic injuries. 

Who would benefit from it: Anybody who likes things minimal and doesn't want to hide their iPhone behind a huge case. A minimal case such as this will protect your iPhone from everyday scratches and scuffs meaning that you can do everyday things such as place your phone on surfaces and not worry about it getting marked. 

Who wouldn't benefit from it: If you take your iPhone into tough conditions, quickly run out of battery, are very style conscious then there are more suitable phones for you.  

There's not a lot that can be written about a minimal case. The first thing you should note is the quality of the case and this can be felt and seen when you hold the Snap Case. It doesn't have any special features as such but if you want something thin, light, unobtrusive that will offer basic protection for your iPhone then the Incase Snap Case will do just nicely.


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