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The Wallee range of accessories provide a multi-purpose set of accessories that allow you to mount your iPad pretty much anywhere. All that is needed is a Wallee iPad case and you can pick and choose any of the Wallee accessories that suit your needs. 

The genius of the Wallee case lies in the X shaped cut-out on the back of the case. This cut-out fits onto a X shaped attachment found on all of the Wallee accessories. We especially like that these accessories are guaranteed to last and won't need to be updated when new versions of the iPad are released. The iPad may change in future versions and if it does you would need to buy a new Wallee iPad case but you can be assured that the rest of your Wallee accessories will continue to work. Nobody likes forking out for a new case but if you are buying a newly designed iPad anyway then upgrading your Wallee case isn't so much of a hassle. 

Let's get to it. Where can you put your iPad using the Wallee system? How about - the kitchen wall, bathroom wall, bedroom, pretty much any wall, the car, your desk, your bedside table. Whatever your needs you can easily mount your iPad when you need to without having to carry around different accessories for different situations.

The Wallee iPad Case

The latest Wallee iPad case is lightly rubberised and provides a precision fit. Previous versions of the case were made from a much more brittle plastic and because of the extremely close fit meant that removing the iPad too much could cause some cracking. Thankfully this has now been fixed and the softer rubbery design allows for much more give. 

The case doesn't add too much bulk and looks just fine when used as a standard iPad case, it provides good protection and works well as an everyday case. To others it may appear that you are just using a case with a X cut-out but little do they now that this means that you can walk straight into your kitchen and attach the iPad to wall thanks to the...

Wallee Wall Mount Disk

This little beauty is small enough at 7 X 2 cm to be unobtrusive but is strong enough to be relied upon to hold your iPad. The wall mount is attached to your wall using 2 screws and is a quick and simple process - full fitting instructions are included. The wall disk allows you to view your iPad in landscape or portrait mode and moving between the two just require a quick turn, no need to remove and remount your iPad. 

You could place a wall mount disk pretty much anywhere, just think about all the places you use your iPad. Maybe you work in the garage and like to play music on your iPad, well you can keep it out of danger by mounting it to the wall. Do your kids watch movies on the iPad before bed? Let them take it to bed with them and pop it on their bedside wall. Were there's a wall you can probably mount your iPad and we like that idea a lot.

Pivot Stand

The pivot stand is a simple stand with an aluminium finish that turns your iPad into a mini iMac. Your iPad attaches just the same as all other Wallee accessories with a quick twist & click. This stand looks pretty amazing on your desk and pairs up perfectly with an Apple keyboard for those who like to work on their iPad. It seems to have also become very popular with small shop owners who can combine it with a mobile payments app such as iZettle for a point of sale unit. It has even been spotted in use at Apple's own cafeteria!


Car Headrest Mount

Crafted from anodised Aluminium the headrest mount can become a permanent feature of your car. It looks good and can be neatly stowed away when not in use. The arm easily extends out to provide viewing for the entire back seat when needed. As with all Wallee accessories switching between portrait and landscape is just a quick turn away. One point to note is that the headrest mount will fit pins up to 14mm in diameter so you should check your car first to make sure that it will fit.

Why we love the Wallee:

The Wallee range is a well made and well though out series of products. We think that a Wallee case is worth it for the wall mount alone. If you carry your iPad around the house or office and are constantly looking for somewhere to stand or mount it then a Wallee system could work great for you. Once you've positioned your Wallee mounts and stands where you want them, and fitted your Wallee case all you have to do is remember your iPad!

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